Recent Birding and Birdshots

I got out of the hospital on the 16th for two weeks off to recuperate.

I was able to do a ton of birding. Here are some of the images I captured before the past weekend.

White-crowned Sparrow, Ash Creek 10/1610/16-The day after I got out I decided to go to a nearby birding spot and get some fresh air. This adult White-crowned Sparrow was one of the highlights, along with a juv. White-crowned, 2 Adult Field Sparrows, and 2 Lincoln’s Sparrows. 2 was the magic number!

Palm Warbler, Staten Island, NY Palm Warbler, Staten Island, NY. Taken while searching for the Cackling Goose. 10/21/09

Cackling Goose, Staten Island, NYCackling Goose, Staten Island, NY. My search through flocks and flocks of Canadas finally rewarded me with this possible leucopareia or Aleutian Cackling Goose.More shots to be posted in new photo gallery which is coming soon. 10/21/09

Rufous Hummingbird, Staten Island, NYPumped after finding the goose I moved on and was able to get the Rufous Hummingbird that had been frequenting the feeders at the Fischer Residents for 8 days. I was very surprised when I was able to obtain some nice shots of it. More shots to be posted in new photo gallery which is coming soon. 10/21/09.

Connecticut Warbler, Fairfield Audubon, 10/23/09Two days later I found a Connecticut Warbler at the Larsen Sanctuary in  Fairfield.The pic is really bad and kinda makes you wonder-but trust me I got pretty close to this bird (photo bad because of lighting) and noted the light bill, pale gray, and the complete eye ring. Pretty cool bird. 10/23/09

So, that was most of my birding before the weekend. Had a great week and saw some great birds!


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2 Responses to Recent Birding and Birdshots

  1. Jessie Barry says:

    Hey Alex,

    Wow, that is quite the Cackling Goose for Long Island! It is indeed very dark breasted. Much more so, than the Richardson’s that would normally turn up in NY. It could be a minima. Their population far out numbers Aleutians and they are more prone to wander east. Although, they are still rare in the east.

    Take care,

    • Jessie,

      I was also thinking minima but a couple west coast guys thought otherwise. But it does look more minima. Also present was one Richardson’s which I later figured out by looking at my shots from that day.

      Alex Burdo

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