Updates (11/4/09)

Still at the hospital but should be able to get some good birding in Saturday and/or Sunday. I also hope to be present at the NHBC Meeting tomorrow night but need some pre-surgery scans on Friday.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my post about the Birding Counts in Fairfield. I was very happy to read all you emails. This winter, there will be pre-surveys instead of regular counts. I’m doing “Pre Surveys” because my cancer does not allow me to be on a regular schedule. We’ll see if this is the case next March and April as well. I plan to do another survey this weekend, covering the CT Audubon’s Larsen Sanctuary, Ash Creek, South Pine Creek, Sherman, and Jenning’s Beach.

Also, thanks to everyone for their comments. I really enjoy reading them here in bed as they brighten my day.

Depending, a trip out of state this weekend may also be in store.  The Barnacle and Pink-footed Geese in Long Island are begging me to go after them! Also, a Lark Bunting and Red-headed Woodpecker in MA are calling me as well!

We shall see.


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