First Fairfield Survey! 11/7-11/8

Was out of the hospital this weekend and decided against going out of state (just wasn’t feeling up to it) so I decided to stay in town and survey instead. I ended up walking 12 miles for this survey-now I feel like outta state would’ve been a walk in the park! Still enjoyed it though!

Survey by number of individuals seen at one time.

As the light started to appear I decided to make a run to Sherman at its best time. There was frost on the ground and your breath in the air as I walked over. There were no real highlights, all birds just normal. Results-

Sherman Marsh and Fields——7:15-7:45 am—–mostly sunny

Downy Woodpecker—1—average

Blue Jay—1—below average

Northern Mockingbird—1—average

Savannah Sparrow—3—average

Song Sparrow—4—slightly below average

Swamp Sparrow—2—slightly below average

Northern Cardinal—3—average

House Sparrow—10—above average

Savannah Sparrow, ShermanSavannah Sparrow

The average is dependent on own self-opinion from visits past at this time of year. Also, was only able to survey half of Sherman as the town was doing some work on the other.

My next stop of the morning was Ash Creek where I was able to record decent waterfowl numbers. The highlights were a very large, mixed-foraging flock and some nice Hooded Mergansers. Results-

Ash Creek Highlights—–10:10-11:10am—–mostly sunny

Canada Goose—1—way below average

Mute Swan—4—average

American Black Duck—15—average

Hooded Merganser—8—above average

‘Domestic Goose’—2—new for Ash Creek, never seen at this location

Double-crested Cormorant—2—just below average

Great Blue Heron—1—average (overall heron numbers below average)

Lesser Yellowlegs—4—above average

Ring-billed Gull—11—average

Herring Gull—7—slightly above average

Rock Pigeon—3—above average

Mourning Dove—3—slightly above average

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker—2—above average

Belted Kingfisher—1—average

Black-capped Chickadee—5—above average

American Robin—5—below average

Northern Mockingbird—1—average

Savannah Sparrow—2—above average (low numbers of this species for some reason at this location)

Song Sparrow—3—below average

American Goldfinch—3—average

House Finch—3—average

4 Hooded Mergs and a Lesser Yellowlegs4 Hoodies and a Lesser Yellowlegs

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker One of the 2 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers present

American Black DucksNice, stable BD numbers

The average is dependent on own self-opinion from visits past at this time of year. Heron numbers seemed low-I think Black-crowned Nigh-Heron was missing……..?

After Ash Creek I made a quick visit to Jenning’s Beach. 3 Nice Horned Grebes close to shore. Results-

Jenning’s Beach—–11:15-11:30—–mostly sunny

Horned Grebe—3

Ring-billed Gull—3

Herring Gull—2

3 Horned GrebesThe grebes were a nice surprise. Never birded Jenning’s for more than a month (this is a new spot for me-unlike the others) so there were no averages.

My last stop of the day was South Pine Creek. It was quiet at first but had a big influx of numbers at the end! Highlights were 2 hawk species, a Great Egret, and an huge sparrow flock. Results-

South Pine Creek—–11:40am-1:00pm—–mostly sunny

Double-crested Cormorant—2—average

Great Egret—1—average

Sharp-shinned Hawk—1—average

Red-tailed Hawk—1—average

Mourning Dove—4—slightly below average

Black-capped Chickadee—1—below average

American Robin—8—average

Northern Mockingbird—1—average

European Starling—12—average

Cedar Waxwing—20—above average

Song Sparrow—7—average

White-throated Sparrow—20—above average

Northern Cardinal—3—average

American Goldfinch—3—below average

House Finch—1—below average

BuckA very nice, strong Buck, one of the nonbirding highlights

Great EgretGreat Egret

juv. Cedar Waxwingjuv. Cedar Waxwing

Song Sparrow

The average is dependent on own self-opinion from visits past at this time of year. The area was absolutely devoid of ducks-and gulls-and house sparrows. Very odd…………

Late this morning I visited the last spot, the Audubon Larsen Sanctuary. Because of my CT Warbler on the last visit I had high hopes for this stop. Results-

CT Audubon, Larsen Sanctuary—–11:50-1:30pm—–Sunny

Mallard—20—above average

American Black Duck—6—slightly above average

Mallard x American Black Duck—1—hybrid-no average for

Red-shouldered Hawk—1—average

Red-bellied Woodpecker—2—average

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker—1—below average

Downy Woodpecker—2—average

Blue Jay—2—average

Black-capped Chickadee—2—below average

Tufted Titmouse—7—average

White-breasted Nuthatch—1—below average

Golden-crowned Kinglet—2—average

American Robin—7—average

Cedar Waxwing—1—below average

White-throated Sparrow—1—below average

Dark-eyed Junco—6—below average

Painted TurtlePainted Turtle-nice nonbirding highlight

White-throated SparrowWhite-throated Sparrow, numbers of this bird seemed low during the Audubon survey

MallardMallard, one of the many present

The average is dependent on own self-opinion from visits past at this time of year. I feel like I missed a bunch of birds here but then again when I was present it seemed like the whole world was walking the trails! Could this be the whole reason-no, but I think some of it has to do with it.

A very nice two days for a survey. Saw some nice birds and was able to get out!

As always comments very welcome.


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1 Response to First Fairfield Survey! 11/7-11/8

  1. Dana says:

    Well, we see lots of bird surveys but I like yours the best. Illustrated! And even conversational! How refreshing. Keep it up!

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