Mt. Loretto Cackling Geese

As you may know from my earlier post, Recent Birding and Birdshots, I was able to go to Staten Island and view the Cackling Goose present at Mt. Loretto. When I posted this I only brought attention to one goose but after looking through my shots I have found that there were actually two Cacklers present. One definite Richardson’s and one dark-breasted Minima type bird. I thought it looked minima at first but then in the post said it looked like an Aleutian leucopareia. However, after talking to a few people and looking over the images again went back to my earlier thought.

Here’s a link to the Staten Island list to see earlier posts about these birds-

And a link to one post talking about the minima-

A shot of the Richardson’s-

Richardson's Cackling Goose

A few of the minima

Minima Cackling GooseMinima Cackling GoosePlus my old entry minima shot-

Minima Cackling Goose

If accepted this may be the first record of minima in New York! If you would like to go see for yourself the birds are very possibly still there, the last report coming from November 7th (Staten Island Naturalist). However, there have been no negative reports since then and since the birds have been there for a month you have a good chance if you try.

This posted in the hospital-hopefully will be able to get out and do some birding soon.

Good Goosing!


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  1. vin says:

    Hope your feeling better.

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