Pacific Loon-Finally!

Well worth the wait. After being in the hospital I made a run for it last night and am out (except for 4 short visits) for the next couple of weeks. There is some birding to be done.

Today drove up to Middlebury with James Orrico to get the Pacific Loon that had been seen there. After some scanning I got it and got nice, close looks through Greg Hanisek’s scope. Over a period of about 50 minutes the bird moved across the lake and then back across, diving and disappearing before reappearing at another point. This bird covered a lot of ground! I got fantastic looks through the scope and observed the bird preening. The birds location changed from being wayyyyyyyyyy out to being within distance of making it out with the naked eye. I managed some very decent RECORD SHOTS some of which I will post here.

Profile view

The loon, a boater, and a Great Black-backed Gull

A view of the bird’s throat

This just shows-I DESPERATELY NEED A SCOPE! I could’ve gotten an EXCELLENT digiscoped shot of this bird. For better shots of this bird see Mark Szantyr’s Gallery.

Also present-a couple Bald Eagles and 2 Turkey Vultures, and ofcourse, the Great Black-backed Gull

A REALLY FAR OUT shot of a Bald Eagle

We then went up to White Memorial’s Point Folly. So strange-NO DUCKS (well besides 15 Mallards) but you get my point. What is going on??? The same thing happened during my survey two weeks ago.

The highlight was 1 Pied-billed Grebe that provided nice views.

Bad lighting-silhouette view

A Great Day! Got a Lifer and had a great time with some great people doing it!


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