Birding Corvo

I recently added a link to the “Other Birding Blogs” tab. It says birding Corvo and is the blog Olof Jonsson, a Swedish birder that loves adventure. He’s been staying (and birding) on the island of Corvo in the Azores. During his stay (September 14-November 16) he updated the blog daily and was a regular stop for me every morning when I checked the listervs. I got to read all about the North American birds (“Yanks”) so common here that caused a stir over there. Stories about American Redstarts, Savannah Sparrows, and Yellow Warblers filled the pages. There were many birders out there from many different countries. When one birder found a bird his/her country got a point. It was very fun reading about the fast-paced competition between the birders out there. Olof was also a very talented photographer and was able to capture some North American birds nicely. One of my favorite posts was the one about the Northern Parula back in October. Olof took photos of the tons of birders. There was also a great story involved. The message Olof got about the bird was from German birders, “Norsern Parula at se Power Station!” Before and After Corvo, Olof birded some of Spain as well, and thats where he probably is now, finishing up his Corvo adventure. He says the final post on his Corvo Birding Blog will come tomorrow, something I am not looking forward to. Every now and then I still flip through the old entries and photos. What a great time. I think I would like to put a couple months into birding out there one year, but as Olof said, it can get pretty lonely and also when a storm hits-you’re stuck!We’ll have to see!

Great Guy, Great Bog, Great Birding Destination!


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