Red-headed Woodpecker!!

This is one of those times where a twitch almost turns out unsuccessful and then suddenly BOOM! James Orrico and I joined up and drove up to Northwest Park to try for the previously reported juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker. Red-headed Woodpeckers have avoided me so much in the past. I tried for them in PA, Cape May (sat at the hawk all day), and the bird in Middlebury over the summer. My opinion about the town changed however, when I saw the loon! Northwest Park is a really nice place with a Nature Center, Maple Sugar House, and lots of farm animals and things. It is also the place that had the nesting Blue Grosbeaks, Clay-colored Sparrows, and Dickcissels back in ’95 and ’96, unfortunately before my birding time. We arrived and went to the spots in the descriptions put on the bird list. We walked down a whole trail without hearing or seeing a thing. Thats when we ran into Paul Desjardins. We searched for the bird together, going to the other spot where the bird had been see-a little bit down the walk. We sat there for probably 15 minutes not hearing a thing. Suddenly we heard a chattering call. That was it. We raced into the forest and waited another ten minutes. The suspense was killing me. Finally the bird flew in, onto a tree. We had it!!!! Yes!!!! It was a very active bird, calling, foraging, and stashing acorns. Perhaps it will spend the winter? We treked through the forest. Every time it flew (which was often) we changed position as well to get better looks. I got very nice looks but the photos I go were not first class. One, because the bird was so active. Two, the lighting was not always great. Three, the bird liked to stay high up. But thats ok-I still captured it and even got video-which was better than all the photos I got. The sun was setting fast so we left, headed for home. I had a wonderful time seeing the bird and exchanging birding experiences with Paul.

Really bad light-would’ve been a great shot if the sun weren’t in front of us.

Peckin away!


I really have nowhere to post the video, so I’m gonna post it on my old flicker site. Link in link tab.

Another Successful Twitch!


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1 Response to Red-headed Woodpecker!!

  1. larry says:

    I’m glad you finally got to see a RHWP. I had the same problems trying to get photos.It was always in a position that the sun was facing the camera.

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