Updates (11/24/09)

It’s  been great, it’s been fun and it’s not over yet! I’ve been birding constantly over the past few days and have been posting daily since the 18th. (Check the Blog Archive tab to see previous posts). Today is a quick in and out hospital day so I thought I would post an update.

The birding I’ve done:

November 19th-Pacific Loon!!

November 21st-A very successful survey that turned up a female Redhead

November 22-A very successful twitch that turned up a juv Red-headed Woodpecker

November 23-Another successful survey, highlighted by a (maybe) continuing Red-breasted Nuthatch and waterfowl

The Birding I plan to do:

The coming days: Another survey

This weekend:An overnight birding trip, most likely up to Maine

Next Week: Another survey, plus a New Haven Bird Walk I may be able to attend, and a birding day most likely friday

I’ve really enjoyed posting daily, all about my recent birding! Check in soon, as these daily posts will most likely continue.

Can’t wait for more birding!


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One Response to Updates (11/24/09)

  1. gerry burdo says:

    I love when your birding!

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