Ivory Gull Continues to Put on a Show!

The Ivory Gull I went for and successfully saw last weekend is still frequenting the Breezeelee Marina (I’ll never forget that name!) for the 9th day in a row! Because we may get a bit of snow tonight, it may even be more magical to see the bird tomorrow, in the snow. I’ve heard that crowds continue to show up to see the bird, with many return visitors. Some birders in Cape May have been skipping work to keep see the bird!As Don Freiday put it-the bird is a drug. In a good way, I might add!

If you like some variety, here’s a link to:

The Cape May Birding Site, where Don Freiday et. al blogs daily/twice daily about the gull and other birds in the area-


Also, Jennifer Hanson posted a list of links for pics, blog entries, and video of the bird. She posted mine too!


Here’s another pic I felt might be worth posting. Here you can see the wing and tail pattern.

If you haven’t seen this bird yet and are deliberating on going-GO!!!! You will not be disappointed!!

Good Birding!


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