Surgery Aftermath-looking ahead

Typing this with one arm………

Got out of the hospital yesterday. Boy-does it feel good to home-and here for X-mas too! My right arm is held up in a sling-type holder with a small pillow, also I have a bit of a limp on my left side after being layed on that side for 13 hours! Birding may take a little break but I know it will come back in small amounts-starting, well now.

The surgery went very well. It feels good to have no more worry and be ready for the rest of treatment and the start of normal life again. The sling-thing comes off in six weeks but birding is still very possible with a healthy arm and two healthy legs (my left leg will be back VERY soon).

I will post about ANY birding I do in the coming weeks, even if its just going down to ash creek and taking a scan.

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays!


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2 Responses to Surgery Aftermath-looking ahead

  1. Deanna says:

    Hey, I’m impressed! You do pretty well typing with only one hand! I’m so happy you’re home now–and just think–Christmas is just around the corner! Hope you don’t get coal in your stocking! See you Christmas afternoon!

  2. Marcy K says:

    Hello Alex,

    I am a friend of Deanna Becker and also a past President of “Friends of Hammonasset”. Deanna shared your story and web address with me – I am so impressed. You have seen many birds that I have yet ti include on my own life list and your photographs are terrific. I have been birding for 40 years – started during college (at Southampton College of LIU) where I majored in marine biology. My husband and I both keep life lists and I am ahead of him – haven’t counted it up recently but I believe I am approaching 400 birds. Your blog is a wonderful idea. I hope that we can convince you to help lead some bird trips for the Meigs Point Nature Center this coming summer if you are feeling up to it- I saw my first (and only) wheatear at Hammonasset many years ago! I also hope that you will get a chance to go out after pelagics. Last summer was a banner year for shearwaters – I spotted many greater and Manx shearwaters on our vacation to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket (we have our own boat. There have been Wilson Storm petrels in abundance too. I wish you well with your treatment and also with birding!! Tahnk you for sharing. Marcy Klattenberg

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