Lesser Black-backed Gull-Beardsley Park

Lesser Black-backed Gull is a species I’ve never never seen in CT. My primary point was to see the gull while using my new scope to do it. James Orrico and I set off for Burrying Hill Beach, a good location for Lesser Black-backed. When we got there, there was a slight breeze coming off the water but it was still warm. We spent a long time searching without any luck. However, we enjoyed some nice scope views of Oldsquaw, Common Loon, and Red-breasted Merganser.

We decided to then try Beardsley Park, another good spot for this species. In less than 5 minutes of scanning we were on the gull and enjoyed great looks the entire time we were there. It was pretty easy to pick out from the surrounding herrings by dark (but not black as in its larger relative) wings, streaking on head, and bright yellow legs. Also present were two wing tagged gulls. I digiscoped a few photos with an old digital camera. However, the lens is a bit too big so I caught a circle around the bird when I took the shot so all the shots are cropped.I’m still looking for a good digiscoping camera. If you have any recommendations please feel free to leave a comment.

Here are some of the shots:

Center, note wing color and bright yellow legs

There is a lot of glare in this one so some of the streaking on the head is washed out

streaking washed out

and here’s one of the wing tagged gulls

I was so happy to get out! Note: I’m going on treatment for a week so this blog may get a little quiet.


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One Response to Lesser Black-backed Gull-Beardsley Park

  1. Nick Bonomo says:

    Nice one Alex, glad you got it.

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