Digiscoping Camera-help!

Does anyone know a digiscoping camera they recommend or someone who would?? Any comment would be much appreciated!!

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3 Responses to Digiscoping Camera-help!

  1. Don Morgan says:

    Alex, there are a several cameras in wide use for digiscoping, and quite a few more that some individuals have adapted for it. There were more point and shoot cameras manufactured a few years ago than there are now that easily lend themselves to use with a scope by means of a threaded adapter, and a few can still be found on Ebay or even, occasionally, for sale new. The one currently favored is the Nikon Coolpix P6000, successor to the P5100 and P5200. The Canon A590 is also a decent camera, and probably still available. There are ALOT of other cameras that are usable, but many have drawbacks or require specially made adapters in order to be used easily. Some, like the Panasonic G1 and GH1, are also quite expensive.
    My first suggestion is that you join the Digiscoping list, follow the current threads and read the archives. There is a wealth of information there from some of the “best in the business” of digiscoping. here is a link that should get you to the home page so that you can sign up:
    By the way, I’d like to know what scope you have, since that may make a major difference in what camera is best for you.
    Regards, Don Morgan

  2. Mike Berzenski says:

    My girlfriend suggested that I write you. Sony Cybershots(point and shoot)are good but the aperature size and 35mm equivalent are important, since there are a wide variety of cybershots. You also need the proper universal adapter for your scope. I started with a cybershot dsc w90. Its an older camera but a good one to use until you get the hang of it. You can find it relatively cheap on EBAY.

  3. Lee Stookey says:

    hi Alexander,
    I’m Charlie Haviland’s grandmother, writing from Vermont. [I used to know you when you and C were so in love with earth-moving equipment. I seem to remember T-shirts for the company you were going to start!] Anyway, his mother told me you were looking for advice about a camera for your scope and she thought I might have a birder friend who could help. So I’ve sent the link to your blog to a couple of them [Molly and Barbara] and am hoping they might have some leads. If so, they’ll write.
    Actually Molly just sent me this which I’ll TRY to copy here:

    If Alexander isn’t familiar with BirdWatchers’ Digest (not sure I’ve got the apostrophe in the right place), he should be. It’s a magazine Michael gets and I used to. It’s about the size of the old Readers’ Digest and has lots of short, excellent bird articles in it plus articles recommending binoculars, cameras, tripods, CDs and book reviews. Very readable and informative. Just a suggestion.

    Wow… it worked! But you probably already know the magazine? If I hear more I’ll pass it along.
    Good luck with your camera search. best, Lee

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