Costa Rica Shots

I’m not doing much after a week of chemo, so I thought I’d post some photos I took in CR over the summer.

Note: This was a tour through school so it focused on other things besides birding. I managed 90 lifers.

Camera Note: I had my old camera for this trip, which wasn’t as good as my new one.


Tropical Kingbird-For some reason, my favorite species I saw in CR!

Social Flycatcher

A black sand beach on the Caribbean Coast

A very cute Sloth

A fun, pink boat crossing an unknown river

BriBri Children

A Suspension Bridge for foot traffic only

A beautiful Slaty-tailed Trogon

My lifer Groove-billed Ani

A nice lookin Black-cheeked Woodpecker

A Basilisk Lizard

A Mangrove Swallow-another favorite!

A big surprise- Great Potoo

White-faced Capputian

Arenal Volcano

Another Tropical Kingbird for good measure!

White-collared Seedeater

The nest of a White-collared Seedeater

An Organic farmer in the hills

My trusty steed for crossing the Continental Divide-Princess

My best shot from the hummingbird gallery-Purple-throated Mountain-Gem

Here's another from the hummingbird gallery-Green Violet-ear

The Costa Rican racoon-tame and bold

Since I’m not a butterfly watcher these pictures are left unidentified:

Rufous-naped Wren-proud songster of the Pacific Coast!

The perfect tropical scene

Thanks for viewing my Costa Rica photos!

View A Trip Report on my old blog: here

View A List of my CR Lifers: here

ALL my photos taken in CR can be viewed: here


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2 Responses to Costa Rica Shots

  1. Marcy K says:


    Thank you so much for sharing – it was a treat to view your photos on a cold winter day. Glad that round of chemo is done. Hope you can see the Durham Sandhill Crane. Marcy

  2. That sounds like an amazing trip, Alex. I recently updated/res-started my previously obsolete blog to keep a journal of my umcomping cross-country drive.

    I hope you’ll check it out. And hopefully we can get together for a birding trip when you feel up to it. I’m leaving between 4/20 and 5/1.

    Kepp up the blog, man!! I enjoy checking it out/


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