The Waiting Game

Yesterday I planned a 3 town coastal trip with James Orrico, focusing mainly on gulls. I checked the weather in the late afternoon. Sun was predicted and the tides looked great which made me excited for the coming trip. I awoke this morning to find snow falling in good amounts, across southern New England and New York. My first outing since the last treatment has been canceled or rather postponed to a sunnier time. And tomorrow would seem like a good bet but unfortunately, the hospital awaits. A brief checkup is in store, but if I spike a fever the weekend’s birding and myself are doomed. So, let’s hope this is not the case and I am not admitted. However, it still means another day of waiting to get out. Alas, there is nothing you can do when the elements get involved.

And I’m not the only one who is feeling the waiting pinch. Birder’s across the state are hoping for an Ivory Gull, a rare arctic visitor to right it’s path into CT and thus create the first state record. But it has been staying in Rhode Island for a bit of time now, being very elusive in the private coastline of the state. Connecticut does not have a record of this bird, and in my opinion (and probably many others) we need one.

Ahh, as I’ve said so many times with many things, this is birding. Even with all these things, it is still a passion of mine that I would never give up.


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3 Responses to The Waiting Game

  1. PatriciaBernhard says:

    Hi Alex!

    Your blog, as always, is fascinating and wonderful.

    I’ve missed you, and hope to read of great success

    Best luck,


  2. Marcy K says:

    Alex ,

    Tomorrow will be windy and very cold – not exactly good conditions for looking through a telescope!! If you do spike a fever (which I hope you do not) you will most probably not be missing much this coming weekend – get strong for early next week! Cant wait to read & see what you have discovered. Marcy

  3. Nancy Lawrence says:

    Hi Alex
    Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your work and that I am looking forward to visiting you blog. Thanks for reminding me that nature provides us all the beauty we need at no cost. I guess it’s true what they say…The best things in life are free!!

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