January 2010 In Review

2010 started off with a bang in January. Working around the hospital, I got some good birding done and pushed my life list 3 birds higher. This is a fun time to bird. Gulls, Ducks and Alcids help provide great birding all month long.

The Year List:

Adding to this list became a fun challenge over the month, but because of hospital dates I was unable to put it past 70. Still a very good number given some of the birds that are on it.

January in Review:

I started off the month on treatment, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I filled my year list for the first few days with feeder birds, then started to go afield. On January 5, James Orrico and myself found an adult Kumlien’s Iceland Gull, possibly the same bird found on the Stratford-Milford CBC a week earlier.

The next day, James and I moved down the coast. Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport held two Canvasback while Johnson’s Creek in Stratford held the continuing Western Willet and juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron.

After a small stint in the hospital, I was back in action but missed the Mew Gull in Brooklyn. CT got a great inland record for Harlequin Duck but unfortunately, I missed that too.

That weekend, I went up to Cape Cod. The first day, I had a great waterfowl day, with the highlights being getting great looks at a female King Eider and decent views of a male Eurasian Wigeon.

The next day, my dad and I went after the adult Ivory Gull in P’town. It provided incredible views, as Ivories always do. After the gull, I got my first lifer of the month, a long-staying female Painted Bunting at a home in Orleans. I ended my day at Nauset Beach in Orleans with the highlights being Harlequin Duck, all three scoters, and Northern Gannets.

After another treatment I got back into things, again beginning locally. I first got the female Northern Pintail at Ash Creek, present since the beginning of the month.

I then went afield. Joined by James Orrico and James Randall we connected with both the Dovekie in Long Island and the Barnacle Goose in New Jersey adding two more lifers on the same day.

The last day of the month, I again birded locally. I joined James Randall at Pine Creek where I added Winter Wren and Gray Catbird to the list.

So what will happen in February?

Let’s start birding and see!


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2 Responses to January 2010 In Review

  1. 70 is not bad at all!!! Especially considering you are battling through some tough times. More power to ya!!

    No matter what anyone gets, Tina puts us all to shame!! I’m pretty sure she is over 140!!

    And it sounds like you got lucky on the LI Dovekie. The next day I only saw negative reports.

    Did you score the Banrnacle Goose that was in Wallingford/Meriden last fall? (maybe the fall before… can’t remember)


  2. Hey Brian,
    Thanks so much!
    Tina put on the birding the Mardi put on last year-incredible-they probably spent every waking minute in the field. Congrats to them!
    I was unable to go after it and upset I wasn’t afterwords. Happy I got the one in Califon!


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