Bad Blogger-Stay Tuned

I think 16 days is a long time without a post. A very long time. But I haven’t been doing nothing. Unfortunately, as I mention many times, treatment can steal birding time and after a hard week of chemo, I came back the next week with another bad experience. So hear I am, finally having left the hospital just two days before, sitting in a Vermont inn planning a big birding trip for the weekend before a long surgery. Another surgery, more birding time being removed. So I haven’t really done nothing but I haven’t really done anything either. At least, I haven’t done any birding and have suffered greatly, so am planning a big tri-state birding trip this weekend to steal back some birding time before it is taken away from me.

But, I will admit I’ve been bad about keeping the blog followers updated. I plan to start posting about other things besides my birding excursions, to cover more and keep my blog being updated. Also, almost on cue, my fatbirder rank has fallen, and so have my views. Hopefully, I can boost them up and keep people interested. I’ve been reading and collecting books on various subjects within birding as well as buying and reviewing iphone apps. Hopefully, I can post some of this as well as posts on ID challenges, seasonal happenings, and news and happenings in the world of birding.

This all coming soon. Stay tuned and keep following Flight of the Scrub-Jay!

You’ll be glad you did!


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4 Responses to Bad Blogger-Stay Tuned

  1. Marcy K says:


    I am always glad to read your updates. I may have missed this, but when did you start birding? I enjoyed your story about birding with your grandfather and the encounter with the scrub jay. We had a similar experience with a gray jay when my daughter was your age – 13. Caught the moment with Sara wrapped in an Indian blanket with an outstretched arm and a gray jay attempting to land on her hand – it is an amazing picture. I wish you a really good weekend of birding and will be thinking of you next week. Your passion for birding will help pull you through all this in time for spring! Best, Marcy

  2. Charlie says:


    “Keep on truckin,” birding or whatever. I enjoy your blog and hope that someday we can do a little birding together. Maybe we can bird some of the interior spots in Fairfield when the warblers come singing their way through town.
    Good wishes, Charlie

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Alex,
    I’m a birder living in Asheville, NC. Your Uncle Chris’ friend Tim Joyce told me about your site…. and I’m so glad he did! It is wonderful! Your story of your grandfather and the FL scrub-jay reminds me of a similar story in my family… We were in Florida (we go there every year to visit family) and a N. Mockingbird landed on my Dad’s bald head – but guess what? The ONLY birder in the family (me) MISSED SEEING IT!!! Everyone else was there to see it (I was in the bathroom or something silly like that!) Oh, I was so bummed about that! Anyhow, I highly recommend adding the Blue Ridge Mountains to your ‘places to go’ list… We have nesting warblers that are amazing (Blackburnian, Cerulean, etc.) and lots, lots more that pass through. We also get some other awesome birds from time to time (eg,Sandhill Cranes). I wish you well and hope that your recovery from your next surgery goes well. You are an inspiration 🙂 Come down to Asheville sometime so we can bird… and I will let you know if I’m ever up your way so you can show me the birding-ropes up there!
    Take care and stay strong,

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