Weekly Poll Feature Added-Birders Only

Sitting here in the hospital a few days after surgery, a bit bored  so I decided to create a poll feature for Flight of the Scrub-Jay.

This is they will work:

  • A new poll will be added weekly, every Saturday or Sunday
  • The poll will always be about birds and birding
  • The poll will not be commonplace questions the average non-birder would know
  • DON’T answer the poll if you’re a non-birder and know nothing about the question. Doing that would screw up any data I hope to collect
  • If you’re really desperate to answer the polls, do a little research, though I wouldn’t recommend Wikipedia!

The poll is placed at the bottom of the sidebar. The first poll is: Is the Ivory-billed Woodpecker extinct? This is a yes or no question, do you think the Ivory-billed has perished or do you think it persists?

Enjoy the new polls!


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3 Responses to Weekly Poll Feature Added-Birders Only

  1. Marcy K says:

    Great idea!

  2. Nancy Lawrence says:

    Hi Alex
    Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your work and that I am looking forward to visiting you blog. Thanks for reminding me that nature provides us all the beauty we need at no cost. I guess it’s true what they say…The best things in life are free!!

  3. I like the idea to, Alex. Especially the part about making it a more ‘true’ birder-oriented thing.

    I can not release my vote (…no…), but I am going through those bayous and the refuges where the ‘recent sightings/reports’ come from on my trip. You bet I’ll be all over ANY Pileated to see…. just in case!

    Good stuff,


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