Updates (3/20/10)

Another week of chemo: finished. And another poll: posted. The newest poll is: Where would you want to go birding the most? and gives you a choice between: Peru, Kenya, or Australia. I have never traveled to any of this places (though I do have plans for a Peru trip in ’11-yes, I really do plan that far ahead!) but have read much about them. I felt, when posting like these are the countries with the most birds in their continent-and when looking at the numbers, I found I was right. Peru has the most birds of any country in the world (with 1,7something and growing every year), then comes Columbia, but I didn’t want to add two in the same continent. Kenya is 4th and Africa’s top country. I’m not sure where Australia is in the running, but I can tell you they’re the top in their continent!

Birding-wise, I think I’m going to be a little slow for a few days. Some early, hardier summer birds are arriving (Tree Swallows, Eastern Phoebes, and American Woodcocks to name a few. Although my year list isn’t very high yet (haven’t able to bird like I usually have-treatment) I feel like I can still grab some later on (such as, the hawks and eagles I’m missing at any hawk watch I’m visiting). I also have gotten some I didn’t expect to get such as Dovekie, Pacific Loon, and Northern Shrike. This year, I know I’ll miss some that I usually get, but I’d gladly trade that for treatment to end.

And, as I was talking trips before, I’m happy to announce my annual FL trip, from March 30th to April 5th. I plan to post highlights here and in my “Outta State” page. It’s a trip I’ve been excited and planning for awhile. Most of the details are worked out, but I’ll make a post before, or perhaps after I leave explaining the exact plan. I visit FL yearly and am really excited for this trip. I hope to see some great birds and visit some great places.

Unfortunately, I’m missing all the warm weather, but that’s the breaks. It’ll be warm in FL and soon warm here every day. Migration has already begun and soon the big warbler push will be here.

Enjoy the weekend!


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5 Responses to Updates (3/20/10)

  1. Sharon Lauer says:

    Dear Alex,

    I’m so glad that you can cross another week of treatment off as done; you must really be looking forward to your Florida trip – I’ll be watching to see what you sight there.

    As for the poll, I’d definitely vote for Kenya, as I could bird watch and climb Kilimanjaro ( one of my secret goals) in one trip.

    So many new birds are returning to our yard here at home and it’s fun to hear their calls in the morning when I go out to get the paper.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Ms. Lauer

  2. underclearskies says:

    Hey Alex,

    You and me both with the three missed birds. Although I must admit I am getting progressively lazier on the chasing birds front.

    Florida sounds like a nice gettaway – I still need a few of the specialties down there. Hope you have a great trip and to catch up with you in between jaunts to Colorado, NY State and North Carolina this spring.


  3. Sandee says:

    Dear Alexander; So glad your treatments are going well. Hang in there. I’m also going to Florida. We’ll be driving down the last three weeks in April. I hope to get a lot of life birds. I’m sure you will too. Have fun! ~Sandee~

    • Alex Burdo says:

      Hey Sandee-

      Shoot me an email after your trip and we can compare notes!
      I’ve birded FL before but never south of Naples, so I’m really excited for the lifers!

      Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Sandee says:

    Dear Alex; So glad you’re feeling better. Best of health always. Stay strong. Love and Prayers~ Sandee

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