3/29/10 – Trumpeter Swans, Stratford

Getting out of the hospital yesterday I knew today would be busy as I wasn’t able to get anything done to prepare for my FL trip while there. It didn’t help : ) that a rarity was found in Stratford. I detoured today to go see the two beautiful Trumpeter Swans, a potential first state record, discovered by Brian Webster at Cranberry Bog Pond on the Stratford/Shelton border, the evening before on his way to get a pizza! Here are the shots I took in the pouring rain, some digiscoped, some not.

Two Trumpeter Swans

Two Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swan

The above photos were taken with my larger camera, while the below were digiscoped. Because the swans were rather close, I was only able to digiscope one at a time even at x20. Below are the digiscoped shots. I shot at a number of angles and was able to capture the pointed border between the bill and the forehead that is helpful in distinguishing Tundra from Trumpeter plus the red border on the bill.



Trumpeter Swan

Not a very good shot, but the bird's head is turned showing the red line a bit better than the other shots

Another somewhat blurry shot, this one showing the triangular/pointed border

This was my first outing  in a while and I was really excited to see these beautiful birds. Congrats on an awesome find Brian!


Note: I’ll be returning from FL April 5th. I’ll be making a post each day of that coming week highlighting one day of the trip at a time.

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3 Responses to 3/29/10 – Trumpeter Swans, Stratford

  1. Sharon Lauer says:

    How incredible…and great pics!

    Have a spectacular time in Florida with your family. Wishing you good weather and great birding.

    Hey, you can skype us at school from FL!

  2. Marcy K says:

    Can’t believe your great fortune to see trumpeters your first day out!! Hope this bodes well for your birding in Florida. I so look forward to hearing and seeing what you find! Good birding and say hello to Deanna! Marcy

  3. Caro A Crean says:

    The pictures are beautiful. I sure hope all goes well for you and enjoy Florida. On Sunday PM, I was at The boating launch in Stratford on Birdseye Street where the Coast Guard are stationed.. There was a pair of very large trumpeter swans swimming calmly along the water’s edge. There were also large black birds which looked almost like crows. They were among the gulls and ducks. We watched the swans and than went up to Sikorsky Airport where we had seen snowy owls many weeks ago. On the way to the airport entrance, on a small body of water there were 4 swans. Magnificent…Last year we followed the babies born to a pair of swans at the same location on Birdseye. I’m a school nurse in
    Watertown Ct and only get to birdwatch on weekends but I find it absolutely relaxing and fascinating.. Take Care.

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