FL Trip: Day 4-Apr 2-On to Miami

We departed Key West early and struck out for Miami. I enjoy the drives through the keys a ton and was looking forward to taking it again. Along the way, we visited two locations in the keys.

The first spot was for Mangrove Cuckoo. However, my ABA guide had a direction flaw in it and I’m not certain we ever found the spot. As expected, we missed the Cuckoo. We continued onto No-Name Key where Mitchell had been the day before. We got a great look at a few Key Deer, a smaller version of our White-tailed Deer.

Key Deer

As Deanna I walked down the path we heard two birds erupt from the top of a tree. We both had a sinking feeling these were White-crowned Pigeons based on the noise the flight made. It happened again farther down again but we missed seeing those too.

I made one of the only mistakes of the trip here. Instead of skipping the Keys to have more time in Miami, I birded them for way too long and arrived in Homestead around 2. I got my lifer Common Myna at the town Burger King.

Common Myna singing


Common Myna

We were out of Homestead around 2:30 and I realized there was no way I could bird Miami effectively. We stopped at Cutler Ridge, a reliable spot for West Indian Cave Swallow, but found only two empty nests under the overpass. During the time there I saw a Cliff/Cave type bird that flew over the bridge too quickly for ID. I later learned the birds are now nesting under a bridge over a canal across the street. Since there is no way to see under the bridge, you must either come at dawn or dusk.

We moved on to Key Biscayne and also struck out on the La Sagra’s Fly. However, I did meet a nice birder from Britain and it was enjoyable talking and comparing the birds our countries had to offer.

There is room for improvement here as we tried to fit way too much into one day. However, now that we know what can be fit into a day, we can bird Miami much more efficiently next trip.


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2 Responses to FL Trip: Day 4-Apr 2-On to Miami

  1. Lar says:

    Dear Mr. AB,

    Is the version of the Myna spelled differently then the typical Mynah bird? Do these birds really live fifty years?

    Thank you.


    • Alex Burdo says:


      I do not think mynas live 50 years-I’d say 5-12 years would be a good estimate for the life span, though I’m not sure on the actual numbers.


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