Updates (5/9/10)

Brown Noddy (digiscoped)

I’m still in the hospital recovering from surgery but am hoping to get out in the next two days. So far so good as far as recoveries are going and I plan to spend a good portion of the coming week birding. The peak in migration is coming up and I feel like I may hit it just right.

We shall see.


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2 Responses to Updates (5/9/10)

  1. Deanna says:

    I must say, Alex, you looked just terrific yesterday, and after reading your blog I would say you’re feeling terrific, also. Pretty ambitious to be thinking about birding right when you get sprung from Sloane! But then–what else would I expect from you, right?

    I love reading your blogs, and the photos have been so wonderful. I loved the banding photos–you did a great job with those.

    See you at home!

  2. Nick Bonomo says:

    Hey Alex, Glad to hear things went well last week. There’s plenty of good birding ahead, so no rush!

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