6/2/10 – Mississippi Kites

Kite Stretching

On the way up to see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, we took a detour to see CT’s only nesting Mississippi Kites. They are one of only two pairs nesting in New England, though, as proven on CTBirds there could be more out there! The moment I stepped out of the car, a Mississippi Kite flew over! It then turned and started soaring but I soon discovered the second bird sitting and preening on the kite’s favorite perch. We spent over 20 minutes watching them.





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4 Responses to 6/2/10 – Mississippi Kites

  1. Deanna says:

    Who else but you could find the elusive kite on your way to a Red Sox game??? What a treat, and what a beautiful bird! You must have been so psyched—you’ll make a birder out of your father yet~

  2. Gerry says:


    The real trouper here was Christian, Alex brought him binoculars and Christian was snapping his own pitchures of the kite. Game was great and a long but very happy day!!!


  3. Benjamin Van Doren says:

    Glad you found it!!

    – Benjamin

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