6/19/10 – Trout Brook Valley Preserve

This past Saturday, my dad and I took a nice ~6 mile hike at the Trout Brook Valley section on the borders of Easton and Weston. The trek took us through hardwood forest before ending in a beautiful orchard.

Of course, because it’s the breeding season, there’s much more hearing than seeing. On the way to the orchard we heard many Eastern Wood-Pewees, Red-eyed Vireos, and Worm-eating Warblers serenading the forest while young Tufted Titmice and Black-capped Chickadees kept their parents busy.

When we reached the orchard we were treated to a wonderful vista. Rolling hills to the north, smaller hills to the south  then breaking into Long Island Sound.

The Orchard

As well as the scenery, the birds were also fantastic. Cliff, Tree and Barn Swallows danced over our heads, Cedar Waxwings flew over, Eastern Bluebirds sang from the fence posts, and Field and Chipping Sparrows sang from the edges. We wandered the orchard, watching Eastern Kingbirds sally after insects, Orchard Orioles perch in trees and Indigo Buntings add a palette of blue.

Field Sparrow

On the walk back we heard some really weird calls which I suspected were fledgling Barred Owls but would only confirm it a few days later.

It was a fantastic day to spend time with my dad. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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One Response to 6/19/10 – Trout Brook Valley Preserve

  1. Deanna says:

    What a wonderful essay on Trout Brook Valley Preserve. I felt as if I were there with you and your father. What a beautiful area to bird in. You’ll have to go back later in the year when the baby birds have fledged–probably see a lot more of our feathered friends. I love reading your descriptions–they are better than most books and definitely more entertaining!


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