Updates (8/25/10)

Cedar Waxwing

I’m back from a week in Cape Cod. It was an enjoyable trip, although the last 4 days were all but washed out. I was, however able to sneak in some birding time at South Beach (2 trips planned-one rained out) plus some local spots along with some locations on the Outer Cape. Nothing major, though there were definitely some terrific standouts, which I’ll post about in the coming days.

The data retrieval company I sent the drive to was able to pull out photographs and has loaded them onto DVDs. It should be cause for celebration but it isn’t just yet. A complicated issue with backups and data may mean that not ALL the photos are there. Anyhow, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. At the moment, I have my recent shots uploaded to a new gallery on my computer but still have the photos on the camera, just in case. I plan to have them backed up in a number of different sources. DVDs and possibly 2 drives.

Since the photos are all on the computer, I’ll get to writing the blog entries on Jamaica Bay, South Beach, the Outer Cape and more soon.

It’s hard to believe summers almost over. I’ve noticed many trees that are already turning and many birds besides shorebirds are on the move as well. I haven’t had much time for warblers or hawks just yet but hope to spend more time with them in the coming weeks. Fall migration is a fantastic time of year, and it goes on for almost half the year. July/August, shorebird migration is in full swing. September, the shorebirds are still here in numbers with lots of warblers and hawks taking to the sky. October is the big sparrow push with good numbers of warblers and hawks still gracing the skies. November is, in my opinion the best rarity month of the year and also brings a steady flight of seabirds; ducks, loons, grebes, alcids and more. In December, the winter seabirds are still moving and many exciting birds are found on CBCs. Fall is a great time of year!!

Treatment, is coming to an end, albeit slowly. It’s taking longer and longer for my blood counts to recover, and when the risk becomes greater than the benefit, they stop the chemo. Treatment could be over as early as next week if my counts aren’t up there but I’ll probably need one more dose and then will be done. I just keep telling myself, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enjoy Fall Migration!


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