Rocky Hill Meadows: Baird’s Sandpiper

After a fantastic morning at the Birdcraft, James Orrico and I joined up again and headed up to Rocky Hill Meadows, where a Baird’s Sandpiper had been reported.

When we arrived, we ran into Neil Curry and Tom Hook who were also searching for the Baird’s. The bird had been seen near a large puddle on the outermost road. On our initial scan there were plenty of shorebirds: Killdeer, Least Sandpiper and Semipalmated Sandpiper. We located a couple Baird’s candidates and started studying them. Unfortunately, into our scan the birds flushed and many never returned. After waiting for around 30 minutes we decided to head down the road and try another good puddle spot.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, the ground was as dry as a bone. We turned back and decided to head out when two other birders said they had the bird. It was in a field adjacent to the large puddle. We raced out of the car and immediately put the scope on it. Baird’s Sandpiper! We had decent scope views as the bird continued to move closer. Finally it flew a short distance back to water and we got better looks at it preening. After a few minutes the flock took off for some unknown reason. We went home, happy that the chase had paid off!

Baird's Sandpiper


Another shot showing back pattern

The rest of the photos were taken at 50x or higher:

Out in field

A good shot for showing the length of the bird, which really stands out on Baird's and White-rumped Sands when in a mixed species flock with smaller peeps

One last shot of the beautiful Baird's Sandpiper

Just a phenomenal day!!!


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One Response to Rocky Hill Meadows: Baird’s Sandpiper

  1. Dave says:


    Congratulations, Alex!! Now I need one!!

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