9/21, 22, 23 – CT WARBLER + ,Birdcraft

We had a great week of banding with the star of the show of course being the young Connecticut Warbler we caught in the nets. It was a very exciting bird on a not very productive morning. We also netted some later fall migrants including Eastern Phoebe and White-throated Sparrow. All the pictures show seasonal first for the station, besides the Connecticut which was our second of the season!!

male Black-throated Blue Warbler

Eastern Phoebe

White-throated Sparrow

Connecticut Warbler

An overexposed (as always) shot of the CT Warbler using Auto...whoops!

Of course this is not a complete record, photographically or otherwise, as I had to leave every day at 8:15 for school.


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2 Responses to 9/21, 22, 23 – CT WARBLER + ,Birdcraft

  1. Dave says:

    Awesome!!!! CT!!!!

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