9/25 – South Beach Aftermath

After grabbing an ice cream to celebrate our good birding at South Beach we were on the road again. Our plan was very risky and almost aggressive in a way. Hit the Harwich Community Gardens, then move up to Wellfleet Bay then the Easton Stump Dump, all in 4 hours of good daylight. But our spirits were high and we seemed up to the challenge as we pulled into the Harwich Community Gardens.

The Gardens were in a word quiet. Our highlight there was a nice adult Chipping Sparrow that showed well for us.

Onto Wellfleet where the sanctuary was closing as we walked in. “You got five minutes,” the lady said, “then we’ll be closed up.” We ran into some birders who told us the Dickcissel, which was the prize we were seeking, has taken up to 3 hours to appear. But as soon as we walked up to one of the feeder windows, wouldn’t you know it, the Dickcissel flew onto a branch and showed wonderfully!It was a good look and after a few minutes the bird flew off.

But Jim had missed the bird and had now just arrived at the window. The prospects of seeing it again were low, but there it was feeding on the ground. Amazing! There is something magical about that feeding station at Wellfleet.

Our first look at the Dickcissel

Another look at the Dickcissel feeding on the ground.

The Dickcissel in the same view as my FOS White-crowned Sparrow along with a Song Sparrow

We presumed this bird to be a female, as it didn’t have the black throat that males retain at least some of year round and it definitely was not a juvenile.

The Stump Dump was very slow and we were anxious to get to dinner.


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One Response to 9/25 – South Beach Aftermath

  1. Dave says:

    You can really appreciate when you have that lucky opportunity where you just walk up, hoping to find a bird, and there it is. And thank god they let me get back in to retrieve my field guide!

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