Varied Thrush, Yellow-breasted Chat, NYC

I was lucky enough to have today off from school and was considering going into New York City to see the Varied Thrush in Central Park. I gave Jim Orrico a call and we decided to give it a go.

Upon arrival, it was fairly easy to find the bird’s location as it was being followed by a crowd of birders. We were soon looking at a beautiful Vaired Thrush, a bird of the Pacific Northwest that regularly “vagrates” to the eastern part of the continent. We had great looks  as it scratched about in the leaf litter. Note: my crummy photos DO NOT do this bird justice.

Vaired Thrush

Varied Thrush from the front

Note the lack of throat feathers, from molt perhaps?

Scratching around in the leaft litter

Varied Thrush

As we were enjoying the thrush, news circulated about a Yellow-breasted Chat being seen in the Boathouse Cafe parking lot. We immediately headed over and after waiting 10 minutes of waiting the Chat flew in and proceeded to give fantastic looks, the best I’ve ever had of this species.

a beautiful Yellow-breasted Chat

Another look at the Chat

A fantastic day of birding in the city!


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10 Responses to Varied Thrush, Yellow-breasted Chat, NYC

  1. Deanna says:

    I thought your photos were great–not the best colorwise but I got to see the gist of the coloring of the bird. You were so fortunate to see both birds–thank goodness for days off fom school, right?

    All is well in Florida–should warm up again in a day or two. Your dad told me it was freezing this morning in Fairfield. Cold down here also, but I guess I can live with calling 62 cold!

    Keep in touch and good birding to you!!

  2. peterpeterpe says:

    I liked your “crummy” pictures. They showed how nicely the bird fits into the background of leaf litter. And the chat pictures were nice, too. I have never seen either of these birds…don’t live near NYC.

  3. Lloyd Spitalnik says:

    Good job Alex!

  4. Dave says:

    Amazing Chat pictures. Full on, all de way.

    Varied Thrush! I don’t have that one! Oh, no…I know what’s coming!

  5. chat says:

    nice sharing .. thanks

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