12/12/10 – Longshore Geese: Barnacle +

Yesterday afternoon, Jim Orrico and I swung by the Longshore Country Club in Westport in hopes of seeing a few continuing geese. Westport borders Fairfield and thus made the birds too close to home to pass up. We swept the trifecta of continuing geese, nailing Barnacle, Cackling and a presumed family group of 5 Snow Geese. The rain had abated at this point making digiscoping a whole lot easier. Photos below:

Barnacle Goose

The blue back and short neck of the Barnacle Goose makes it an esy bird to pick out, at least at close range.

This bird had an obvious limp and seemed to have trouble with its banded leg as it held it up most of the time.

Snow Goose

4 of the 5 Snow Geese

Cackling Goose

Another terrific weekend!


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2 Responses to 12/12/10 – Longshore Geese: Barnacle +

  1. Hey Alex-

    Wow. Those Barnacle Goose shots are WAY better than mine. It also looked like the goose was up and walking around, which it was not when it was raining. Did you see any aggression from the Canadas? When I saw it it was being hassled. And also- your Cackling Goose shots look like the bird has a lighter breast than the one I saw, especially in the first pic. Could this be a different bird? or is it just lighting?
    – Brendan

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