12/30/10 – Outer Cape: Barrow’s Goldeneye +

Dave scoping Provincetown Harbor

Dave Hursh and I spent the day hitting spots on the Outer Cape, particularly in search of uncommon waterfowl and alcids. It was very mild and we enjoyed mostly wind-free birding. Yesterday was my first opportunity to use my new Canon 60D out in the field.

Our first stop was Provincetown Harbor where we came across large numbers of waterfowl including Long-tailed Duck, Common Goldeneye, and Black Scoter among others. Unable to pull out any of the Dovekies seen last week we moved on towards Truro.

Common Eider

Pilgrim Lake’s gull flock failed to produce anything, but we did enjoy looks at Greater and Lesser Scaup.

It was then on to the intersection of Coast Guard and Highland Roads to try for some of the winter finches seen here last week. Although we weren’t able to find any notable finches, we did get nice looks at a flyby Sharp-shinned Hawk.

From here we decided to make a quick stop to try for Barrow’s Goldeneye, then move south to the Chatham Fish Pier.

We made good time from Truro and arrived at Chequessett Neck Dike soon after. Large numbers of waterfowl were around and we soon picked off birds such as Brant, Bufflehead and Common Goldeneye a bit of a ways out. However, the Barrow’s remained elusive, that is until I spotted it in a closer flock of Common Goldeneye with a stunning male Barrow’s in the group. We decided to ditch the fish pier and spent the next 35+ minutes enjoying the Barrow’s. Terrific looks were had of the bird floating just offshore showing off its finery.

Barrow's Goldeneye

Barrow's and Common Goldeneyes

Sunset at Chequessett Neck

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3 Responses to 12/30/10 – Outer Cape: Barrow’s Goldeneye +

  1. Dave says:

    What a difference your new camera makes! Stunning shots. Your blog is better than ever, Alex!

  2. Deanna says:

    Looks like Santa was good to you this year! Great photos with your new camera. You always have such a great blog when you are at the Cape. Happy New Year and hope you have a great year of birding.

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