The Rocky Rhode Island Coastline

On our way home from the Cape on New Year’s Day, Jim Orrico and I stopped off at Sachuest NWR near Newport, RI for a Green-tailed Towhee that has spent the last few weeks in the campground just before the refuge entrance.

Around ten other birders were present when we arrived. The towhee wasn’t in view at the moment, giving us the opportunity to enjoy some other wintering species including American Tree and Ipswich Savannah Sparrow while we waited.

A look at the Ipswich Sparrow

After around 25 minutes of waiting the Green-tailed Towhee flew in and gave decent views as it wandered through the shrubbery. Soon, the Towhee appeared out in the open and we got great looks at the beautiful green wings and tail and rufous cap.

A look at the beautiful Green-tailed Towhee

Another look at the Green-tailed Towhee

After a while the Towhee had disappeared back into the shrubbery. We decided to take the loop out to the point in search of some uncommon waterfowl recently reported in the area. We got great looks at Harlequin Ducks (the best I’ve ever had of this species), Horned Grebes and Common Eiders among others.

male Harley with Common Eider

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1 Response to 1/1/11 – GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE, RI

  1. Uncle Lar says:

    Dear Alexander,

    More great photos. But I have a question for you and your Birding mates. What do you think was the cause of the thousands of blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas and another five-hundred plus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that just died and fell from the skies? By the way their rarely noticed bright orange-red and yellow plumage underneath all of the shiny black is stunning almost like a flag of some great nation. Almost like an apocalypse it was not just the southern U.S. – Sweden, Germany, Brazil and New Zealand all reported fifty to hundreds or again thousands of dead birds and fish in isolated areas. Two million croakers (fish) were found dead in the Chesapeake Bay. Conservationists are determining the cause on the extreme cold temperatures, but an old friend and former co-worker at Greenpeace told me that the US and other Governments have secured areas with arms to protect and determine what actually is happening to this creatures.
    Peace, Understanding & Kindness,

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