Ontario Trip Summary

I just returned home late last night, after spending 4 days birding Ontario with Dave Hursh and Jim Orrico. Overall, it was a hugely successful trip and we nailed many of our targets.

We were birding every minute of the trip, whether in the car or on foot and took in some spectacular scenery along the way. Many of the car rides were long 2+ hours but the never-ending birding talk helped make the rides seem short. The long rides, helped make our itinerary very ambitious, but somehow we were able to get it all done.

Our trip went as follows:

Jan 14: Amherst Owl Woods, Drive to Ottawa

Jan 15: Birding the Ottawa Area, Drive to Bracebridge

Jan 16: Bracebridge Area and Algonquin Provincial Park

Jan 17: A stop in Uphill and Niagara on the way home

Nightly drives were key on this trip (including 6+ hours from Ottawa to Bracebridge), because they allowed us to be at the location at sunrise, thus giving us as much birding time as possible.

Most of our birding was based on recent reports from Ontbirds and the Muskoka Bird Board as well as some well-known spots, found by doing a bit of research.

Overall, 3/4 of the days of the trip were sunny, with the exception being continuous snow in Ottawa. However, during the second half of the trip, the temperature never got above -1F, and most of the day’s weather was from -3 to -5, with nights getting down to as low as -16! However, we still saw many birds.

There were many standouts, birding wise. The trip list ended up being 41, not terrible, as we were mainly searching for life birds, of which I got 6.

It was really a fantastic trip!


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