Ontario – Day 4 (Jan 17): Heading Home

It was the last day of our Ontario adventure and we awoke early in preparation for twelve hours of driving. After packing up the room and making a quick stop at Tim Horton’s, we were on the road.

One of our stops on the way back to CT was the home of Ginny Moore in the village of Uphill. Ginny has been hosting large flocks of a couple sought-after winter finch species for quite some time now. When we pulled up a flock of around 40+ Common Redpolls was quite evident, as they frequented a few thistle stockings.

Common Redpolls

At first I was pretty comfortable calling this bird a Hoary Redpoll based on cold appearence (whole reason I took the photo to begin with), limited black above and below the bill and fine streaking on the flanks. However, I am now less certain.

And soon, we heard and then saw our big target here: Evening Grosbeak. The next hour or so, was something to remember. The defining sound of 50 calling Evening Grosbeaks, matched with their gaudy plumage made this a very memorable experience.

A portion of the 50 bird flock

Common Redpoll and male Evening Grosbeak

Male Evening Grosbeak makes his way to the feeder

Evening Grosbeak on the feeder

Male and Female Evening Grosbeaks

Another look at a Male and Female Evening Grosbeak

A beautiful Male Evening Grosbeak

After spending time with the Evening Grosbeaks, we moved on to Niagara Falls, where we got incredible looks, at, well, Niagara Falls. And finally around 9:30 we were home.

Overall, it was a very successful trip with very few misses. There were many highlights, up and down the board. Ontario is a fantastic location in which to spend a winter weekend birding. I’m definitely planning on coming back!


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3 Responses to Ontario – Day 4 (Jan 17): Heading Home

  1. Dave says:

    Stunning photos. We need Marshall to weigh in on these Redpolls.

  2. Deanna says:

    What beautiful birds! And what a perfect way to end a week-end of birding!

  3. Michael Corcoran says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos Alex! What a great trip!
    I was reminded of the one Evening Grosbeak I have had in my yard in the 12 years we’ve been here. He was kind enough to pose for a picture with a Rose-breasted at my feeder early one May. I’m not counting on seeing that again!

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