California Trip CANCELED

Some of you may have heard of the birding trip I was planning on taking to California with my grandfather this week. It was supposed to be incredible, with Island Scrub-Jays, Yellow-billed Magpies, and Le Conte’s Thrashers among our top targets. However, I had just finished packing last night when my grandfather called. According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, the radiation from the nuclear power plant in Japan was scheduled to hit the west coast this week. And after going through 14 months of cancer treatment my mom refused to put me in that situation. Thus, I am sitting at home right now, our plane already in the sky, feeling defeated about the whole thing.


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2 Responses to California Trip CANCELED

  1. Nick Bonomo says:

    Hey Alex, keep your chin up buddy! These things happen sometimes. You’re lucky that you weren’t already out there when all that stuff happened! Scary stuff. You’ll get to bird CA eventually. In the meantime, go out and find a rare gull for us to chase!

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