RUFF – Stratford, CT

On May 4, Frank Mantlik discovered a female Ruff (Reeve) in a restricted portion of the Great Meadows IBA in Stratford. Today I was able to access the location. It was fantastic seeing the bird for the first time and I have to give a big thank you to Frank Mantlik for making it all work.

Based on looks this bird is an adult female (Reeve), as Frank originally identified it, based on back pattern, leg  color and head pattern, easily ruling out male.

Our looks were from quite a distance but we were still able to take in all the field marks, and the bright sun helped us get as close as we could at 60x.

Poor Record Shots below:


Note leg color, bill shape (shorter than Greater and perhaps a bit longer than Lesser Yellowlegs) and head color

My best shot for showing the telltale "checkerboard" black and brown back pattern

Next to a Greater Yellowlegs. Note the "dumpy," short look in comparison and Lesser Yellowlegs size. In comparison to a Lesser, fatter, shorter look is evident


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3 Responses to RUFF – Stratford, CT

  1. James Purcell says:

    Those are some great shots for how far away we were! I love you how you can post about the Ruff the day we saw it but you still haven’t finished your posts about Texas from 2 months ago… lol 🙂


  2. Alex Burdo says:

    hahaha!! Very true James, but don’t rush it, before long it will be July and they’ll be done lol


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