School’s Over! Looking ahead to summer……

With school ending yesterday with my eighth grade graduation, I now have exactly three months of good birding time! This almost overwhelming amount of free time (finally!) will certainly give me a chance to achieve some birding and non-birding goals.

The next few weeks of June will see me working hard trying to pin down some of my last breeders I still haven’t seen in Connecticut including Black-billed Cuckoo, Whip-Poor-Will and Virginia Rail. During this period, Jim Orrico and I might also try to sneak in a trip to Maine for some boreal specialties plus two birds I’ve never seen: Spruce Grouse and American Three-toed Woodpecker. The end of the month will find me on a family trip to the Mid-Atlantic region (including Cape May), where I’m bound to spend a few hours here and there in the field.

In July comes the big Arizona trip, something I’ve been anticipating for over a year and a half now after having to cancel last year’s trip due to treatment. We’ll be there for ten days, hitting all the major spots such as Madera Canyon, the Chiricahuas, California Gulch and much more.

Come August, my family will be spending a month at our small vacation house in Cape Cod. Multiple weekly trips to South Beach are a must and something I’m really looking forward to. But sure to be my biggest highlight of the entire stay will come at the end of the month when I join other birders on the BBC’s overnight “extreme pelagic” to the edge of the continental shelf. Last year’s trip recorded an amazing 22 White-faced Storm-Petrels, among a huge variety of ocean-going seabirds.

It’s sure to be a great summer!


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4 Responses to School’s Over! Looking ahead to summer……

  1. Dana Campbell says:

    If you are going to AZ in August, you might want to follow the postings on the Huachuca Audubon website to find out what the latest is about birding sites and the big fire there. Paradise is no longer living up to its name, and other sites in the Chiricahuas are also effected. The Huachuca Audubon members are really good birders out of Sierra Vista. It is well worth meeting them and doing their walks. They are a great source of info on canyon areas, too.

  2. Alex Burdo says:

    Thanks a lot for that, Dana. I’ll be sure to check them out!

  3. Chris E says:

    Did you use any particular resource, online or otherwise, to choose Arizona sites? As I’m headed out that direction in July, I’m starting to research possible places to visit, but am not sure I’ve found the best resource.

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