6/25 – HOODED CROW, Staten Island, NY

Hooded Crow, Great Kills Park, Staten Island

A Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix) was first mentioned hanging around the Crookes Point parking lot at Great Kills Park in Staten Island on the twenty-first, although locals had said the “funny-looking” crow had been hanging around for a couple of weeks.

Hooded Crow is described in the Birds of Europe: Second Edition (Svensson et. al) as being resident in large parts of Europe including Ireland, parts of Great Britain, the Italian Peninsula (where I saw my lifer in ’07), Scandinavia and all of Eastern Europe.

The big question is: where did this bird come from and how did this bird get to its present location; did it make the jump fully on its own? Was it assisted by ships for part of or the entire journey? or was it captive? There have been multiple records in the central part of the continent, all found to be not legitimate in terms of being a wild bird.

The Northeastern US seems to be a more reasonable place for a wild member of this species to show up on its own, but the position of the location in which the bird is residing contradicts that due to the fact that the location is adjacent to a major shipping area, making the prospects of the bird being ship-assisted rather high.

However, Iceland has had around 90 accepted records (many being during the spring period), with Greenland having a couple as well. In any case, it must be quite an honor and horror to be part of the New York Rare Bird Records Committee at this time!!

My father and I were able to get great views of the Hooded Crow this afternoon for a crazy period of under ten minutes. Echoing others, this bird showed no outward signs of captivity such as in bands and wear on the wings, etc.

the Hooded Crow and its avian nemesis: Northern Mockingbird

Hooded Crow in flight

Another look at the crow in flight

And a young Lesser Black-backed Gull hanging around with the beach's summer gulls


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4 Responses to 6/25 – HOODED CROW, Staten Island, NY

  1. Betsy Hermann says:

    Hi Alex,

    Never heard of the Hooded Crow. Just loved this news letter. Keep them coming. You’re just the BEST!


  2. What an opportunity to see the Hooded crow, I would just love to see it, but I don’t think it will fly to Alberta Canada. Very nice pictures.


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