2010 Surpassed!

I started keeping a year list a few years back with the goal of beating the previous years tally and keeping track of my progress as a birder through listing all the species I saw in one year’s time. Because of treatment and the like, last year’s total came out at 310 species-around a third of what is on the ABA list. This year, with more time and more ability to do trips I’ve been able to put my list up to 314 species, in exactly half the time it took to bolster last year’s total. While this is a very (very) personal accomplishment, it proves to me that I’ve managed to come out of the “treatment era” just fine in terms of birding time, despite school and the like. With the amount of time remaining in the year and with a little luck I might just hit 415 species, give or take a few.

Somewhat like the second half of a baseball season: fast-paced, aiming for the best record your team can muster.


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4 Responses to 2010 Surpassed!

  1. Awesome job Alex. Your year is going Awesome, and arizona will definitely raise the stakes.


  2. Dave says:

    Congrats, Alex. I’m proud and happy for you.

  3. Betsy Hermann says:

    You’re just the BEST!!

    Rock’n in Rangeley on the 4th!

    Betsy and Bruce

  4. James Purcell says:

    Oh dear, please make sure I never do this….. Congratulations though!


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