SE Arizona – Day 1 (July 16): Suburban Tuscon

White-winged Dove

Our travel day started out on a rather frantic note when I slept right through the alarm and in the process, we missed our flight to Chicago. However, we were able to gain a flight taking off just 40 mins. later which would still give us an hour of time to make our connection to Tuscon. No harm done it seems!

After arriving in Tuscon, we headed to a private yard in the city where we’d be looking for Costa’s Hummingbird among other common suburban residents.

Upon arrival we glimpsed two Gambel’s Quail flying up from under the feeders and many young Cactus Wrens moving about in the trees above us. Our first hummer of the day was not a Costa’s but a female Anna’s which appeared often throughout our visit.

Anna's Hummingbird

Soon a young Costa’s Hummingbird appeared and gave great looks as it fed and rested in the feeder tree. A male and female Costa’s joined this bird and we were soon treated to great looks at all three Costa’s both at the feeder, the water feature and in the trees behind us.

Young male Costa's Hummingbird

adult male Costa's taking a drink

Another look at the young male trying to keep cool

While watching the hummingbirds, a Verdin flew by, providing a couple quick glimpses. Meanwhile a couple Curve-billed Thrashers showed well in the nearby Saguaros.

After getting a great look at all the hummingbirds present, we moved to the back of the yard to try to get better looks at the Gambel’s Quail we’d seen earlier. We were provided with good, intermittent views of the two quail as they passed through the scrubby growth. Meanwhile, Lesser Goldfinches called from all around us.

What most of our Gambel's looks were like, back turned running away!

One of the many Lesser Gs

After a terrific afternoon we enjoyed a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town to wrap up the day.

Night in Tucson.


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One Response to SE Arizona – Day 1 (July 16): Suburban Tuscon

  1. Sounds like a great start to the trip- love the photo of the male costas taking a drink. Look forward to the rest of the posts.


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