8/12 – Arctic Tern and others, Provincetown

I spent a couple of hours at Herring Cove Beach in P’town yesterday afternoon. Tern numbers were around 250 birds which included 200 Common, 50 Roseate and 2 Forster’s Terns. The highlight was a first-summer Arctic Tern, that gave close scope views. The bird was pretty much fully IDed by structure-the short bill, very short legs and rounded head made for a pretty easy bird to pick out amongst the adjacent first-summer Commons.

Photos below:

Arctic Tern; note the rounded head, short bill and short legs

Note the limited black on the tips of the primaries

Lastly, the dark carpal bar appears a bit extensive on this bird, but doesn't seem out of range for first-summer Arctic. The features noted in photo 1 are quite obvious here especially the rounded head and short legs

Forster's Tern with a Roseate behind and Common Tern to the left

Roseate Terns


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