8/20 – BROWN BOOBY, Dennis, MA

Brown Booby, Corporation Beach, Dennis, Mass

First reported on August 16, a first-year Brown Booby has been seen at Corporation Beach in Dennis, Massachusetts for a few days now. I unfortunately had to leave for an overnight in Boston the day the bird was found and upon returning only received negative reports. However, after a two-day period of only negative reports, the bird is again being seen at Corporation Beach.

It seems likely that the bird is roosting in separate locations and foraging over a wide area, thus the “disappearance.” Incredibly, this is one of three Brown Boobies reported in the Northeast during the week with adults being seen in Maine and Cape May, New Jersey.

We were able to obtain some fantastic scope looks and even a few photos of the bird in the fading light:

Brown Booby


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6 Responses to 8/20 – BROWN BOOBY, Dennis, MA

  1. Dawn Fine says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your family! Thanks so much for digiscoping photos for me! Happy Birding!

  2. It seems like your rarity luck has definitely kept up! Awesome job and awesome bird! See you monday.


  3. Vin Becker says:

    Didn’t we see this bird in Florida on the boat trip?

  4. Elaine Abrams says:

    Great photos and sorry I did not get to see this fellow when I was there over the weekend!

  5. Judy Clark says:

    Alex- I just saw your Booby sighting report! We have a family place in Harwichport so are in Dennis all the time. I actually think I may have seen this bird. Thanks for making me aware!

    Best- Judy Clark

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