Looks like it might be a ‘white’ Christmas after all!

While in school today, I received an email regarding a Snowy Owl seen at Stratford Point. I’m lucky enough to have early dismissal every Wednesday and headed over to Stratford Point with my grandfather immediately following my return home. Upon arrival at around 2:50, the bird was present on the rocks at the very tip of the point, but around fifteen minutes later, was flushed by a jogger. The bird flew across the river and spent the last 30 minutes of my visit on the Milford breakwater across the river, moving into more sheltered positions every few minutes until only a small bit of white was viewable. Milford Point tomorrow?

Thus far it is turning into quite the year for Snowy Owls. If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth (or third?) bird for CT this fall, among the many that have been seen in New England. It hasn’t been a terrible year for shrikes either with many being seen in this area as of late. Rough-legged Hawks and even a Gyrfalcon have been seen recently in Massachusetts. So, it seems like it’s setting up to be a good year for these boreals here in New England. Only time will tell how big this incursion will be and whether we’ll get anything even rarer into the mix (although, as the Gyrfalcon proved, we already have!).

Some photos below:

Our inital look, on the rocks at the point

Another look at this gorgeous bird. Another fantastic record for Stratford Point.

Female or 1st year male?


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3 Responses to Looks like it might be a ‘white’ Christmas after all!

  1. Betsy Hermann says:

    Hi Alex,

    Fantastic photographs! Owls are one of my favorite birds. No out of the ordinary birds seen in Rangeley.. While clearing brush on the xc ski trails the other day, a huge snowshoe hare was spotted. With a total lack of snow, he/she had no camouflage wearing a luxurious white winter coat. Easy prey for an owl?
    Happy Holidays,
    Betsy and Bruce

  2. Dave says:

    Great flight shots!! So cool.

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