November 2011 Photo Quiz

Inspired by photo quiz recently posted by Brendan Murtha, I have decided to follow my AZ one with a quiz using photos of mine only taken in November. Unlike the last quiz, answers can be posted in the comments section or sent to my email (along with questions) at alexanderburdo AT mac DOT com.

Hint: All photos were taken in the Northeast (PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME)


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4 Responses to November 2011 Photo Quiz

  1. Most of these are surely wrong, this was a tough one! Off the top of my head-

    1. LBBG
    2. Razorbill
    3. American wigeon (female)
    4. Song Sparrow
    5. WT Sparrow
    6. Bald Eagle
    7. Cooper’s hawk
    8. Palm Warbler
    9. Harlequin duck


  2. Dave says:

    Ok, let’s give it a shot! Here’s my guess:

    1) Lesser Black-backed Gull
    2) Razorbill
    3) Oh boy, I’m not sure, but I’ll say Lesser Scaup
    4) Fox Sparrow
    5) White-throated Sparrow
    6) Bald Eagle
    7) Red-shouldered Hawk
    8) Palm Warbler
    9) Harlequin Duck

  3. James Purcell says:

    1. Don’t even try for me with gulls- Im just gonna go with Herring Gull, although I doubt you would put that on a quiz
    2. Razorbill
    3. Gadwall?
    4. Song Sparrow
    5. White-throated Sparrow
    6. You’ve got to be kidding me
    7. Red-shouldered Hawk
    8. Palm Warbler
    9. Harlequin Duck

  4. Eamon C says:

    I agree with most of Brendan’s:

    1- Lesser Black-backed Gull
    2- Razorbill
    3- American Black Duck
    4- Song Sparrow
    5- White-throated Sparrow
    6- Red-tailed Hawk?
    7- Red-shouldered Hawk
    8- Palm Warbler
    9- Harlequin Duck

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