12/4 – Fairfield Snow Goose

Burdened with hours of homework as I was, I could not pass up the opportunity to gain a new bird for the Fairfield Big Year effort in the form of a light-morph juvenile Snow Goose. We were able to quickly locate the bird at the Fairfield County Club and then obtain some distant looks. The golf course and its large, extended goose flocks have now harbored both Cackling and Snow this year as well as non-goose highlights such as American Golden-Plover, Black Tern, Bank Swallow, Pectoral Sandpiper and Buff-breasted Sandpiper. The country club has definitely been a great asset to the BY effort.

Snow Goose

While on the topic of the Fairfield Big Year, I have ultimately decided to attempt another effort next year. Although I keep trying to convince him to do it again, James Purcell will not be joining me for next year’s big year, leaving me on my own. Ultimately I seek to beat this year’s record and hope to continue to gain a better understand of Fairfield’s avifauna through duplicating this year’s run. Next year I’m also planning on being more ‘aggressive’ by planning ahead and nailing birds as soon as the right time appears.

It should be an exciting year. A few young birders and I have turned it into a competition to see the most species we can in our town in one year. Wonder who’ll come out on top.


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