December 2011 Photo Quiz

The second of the monthly photo quizzes. As with the first, all photos in this quiz were taken in December 2011 and only December 2011. Answers can either be posted in the comments area of emailed to be at alexanderburdo AT mac DOT com.

(Note: Unlike last time some photos were NOT taken in the Northeast.)



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5 Responses to December 2011 Photo Quiz

  1. Hi Alex, great quiz but very tough. If you would like to take a stab at a bird photo quiz I have one on my blog too.

    1. Red-throated Loon
    2. Golden-crowned Kinglet
    3. Loggerhead Shrike
    4. Parrot of some kind
    5. Yellow-cheveroned Parakeet
    6. No idea
    7.Winter Wren

  2. Deanna says:

    You have really made this very difficult! Dark photos and no hints!! Maybe an eagle although the tail does not actually look like an eagle’s tail. The little bird–forget it! I need to either head to the Audubon shop for a clue or get new glasses!!

  3. Dave says:

    Awesome quiz. I’ll withhold my answers because I have some inside information, and I don’t want to be arrested for “insider trading”!

  4. 1- no idea.
    2-OC Warbler
    3. Loggerhead Shrike
    4. Could be a Yellow=headed Parrot…
    5. White-winged Parakeet
    6. Florida scrub Jay
    7. Ruby-crowned Kinglit

    – Brendan

  5. James Purcell says:

    Common Loon
    No clue, warbler sp?
    Loggerhead shrike
    Orange-winged Parrot
    White-winged Parakeet
    Florida Scrub-Jay
    House Wren?


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