November/December Photo Quiz Results…

My apologies for neglecting to post the answers to November and December’s photo quizzes. As many of you know the photos taken in these quizzes are specific to their month and year (i.e. November’s photos are from November 2011 ONLY). I received four guesses for each quiz, although one person did not guess answers for each photo in one particular quiz.

The November answers are as follows:

1. Herring Gull

Other guesses: Lesser Black-backed Gull (3)

2. Razorbill

3. American Black Duck

Other guesses: American Wigeon, Gadwall, Lesser Scaup

4. Fox Sparrow

Other guesses: Song Sparrow (3)

5. White-throated Sparrow

6. Red-tailed Hawk

Other guesses: Bald Eagle (2)

7. Red-shouldered Hawk

Other guesses: Cooper’s Hawk (1)

8. Palm Warbler

9. Harlequin Duck

And now for December:

1. Red-throated Loon

Other guesses: Common Loon (1)

2. Golden-crowned Kinglet

Other guesses: Orange-crowned Warbler (1)

3. Loggerhead Shrike

4. Orange-winged Parrot

Other guesses: Yellow-headed Parrot (1)

5. White-winged Parakeet

Other guesses: Yellow-chevroned Parakeet (1)

6. Florida Scrub-Jay

7. House Wren

Other guesses: House Wren, Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Alright, here it is! (For the one or two of you who care….)


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1 Response to November/December Photo Quiz Results…

  1. marcy klattenberg says:


    Will you prepare more quizzes for us? I didn’t answer but did enjoy taking them – thank you, Marcy

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