Update #33

Northern Flicker

I haven’t been too good about posting consistently, so I felt it would be good to post an update.

I just returned from a family vacation to Florida, which came on the heels of a two-week hospital stay due to immune-induced colitis. The trip was sorta like a rehabilitation for me, and, after being physically wiped out from fighting the coitus, I returned feeling rather good.

I couldn’t just visit Florida and not go birding, however. I ended up spending a couple of days in the field in places outside the resort and birded the hotel grounds and surrounding areas daily. I’ll be putting up the posts on the trip in the coming week, so stay tuned for that. I’ll likely divide the posts into one on birding locally, one on birding farther afield, a photo quiz and probably another post full of photos (I took a lot!).

Closer to home, I conducted the first Breeding Bird Survey of the season yesterday at the Larsen Sanctuary, which was a smashing success. As I mentioned in that post, I hope to conduct a number of surveys at Larsen and other locations across Fairfield during the breeding season. I’ve selected Larsen Sanctuary and the Hoyden’s Hill Open Space to the north to monitor a little more closely, and hope to conduct biweekly BBSs at each site.

Yesterday was also April Fool’s Day, and thus the birding jokes that came with it. I’ve become a little annoyed with some of the jokes ever since the Northern Lapwing episode a couple of years back but two posted yesterday, David Sibley’s “Dr. Warbler” and one on the ABA Blog (this one had me believing for a while!) are worth checking out.

Speaking of blogs, all the time I spent in the hospital has helped me find some pretty neat ones that I feel are worth sharing. The first is A DC Birding Blog, written by John Beetham. Among the topics covered are conservation and something very neat that John compiles, “Loose Feathers,” which is a nice compilation of recent conservation news, environmental issues, and blog posts. A couple of other worthwhile reads include Anything Larus by Amar Ayyash and The Eyrie, the ABA’s fantastic young birder blog.

Lastly, here’s some video of yesterday’s hard-working Black-capped Chickadees!

Alright, that’s all. I used to post these updates much more frequently during the heart of treatment to keep people informed, but since that’s not the subject of this blog, I’ve kind of held off. I’m hoping to make these updates more of a recent summary of my birding and other birding events to make them more interesting, but I’m hoping to keep them around somehow.


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