March 2012 – Florida

Laughing Gulls

Just a little over a week ago, I returned from ten days in the Sunshine State. As mentioned before, the trip was a sort of rehabilitation for me. I was able to put back on some of the weight I lost and increase my overall strength, much of which I had lost during my battle with colitis.

With that said, I was birding every day of the trip, be it on the grounds of the resort or two hours away at the Fort DeSoto. Much of my birding was local and took place on the resort grounds or at a nearby spot on Longboat Key (where the resort is located).

Two of the days of the trip, however, I took part in more extended birding outings. On Sunday, March 25, my dad and I visited the Celery Fields and Lake Osprey in nearby Sarasota. Later in the week, on Wednesday the twenty-eighth, Jim Orrico and I headed north to Hernando County and birded spots like the Weekiwachee Preserve and Aripeka Road.

The trip list finished off at 148, a total I was quite happy with. I ended up picking up five life birds and ninety-three year birds on the trip, making it hugely successful. Having visited Florida annually (and sometimes multiple times per year) for my entire life, being able to see five life birds was pretty big.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll probably put out three to four entries on the trip, one about birding locally, another about birding farther afield, a post with more photos and finally, a photo quiz.


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4 Responses to March 2012 – Florida

  1. Betsy Hermann says:

    Hi Alex,

    The photo of the Laughing Gull Laughing should be entered into a photo contest. What a great picture.

    Glad the Florida trip was such a huge success and FUN!

    Betsy and Bruce too

  2. sandy says:

    Love the photo – great job and hope you’re feeling better (colitis is no picnic)..
    take care.

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