Update #34

I guess this is to be expected of me by now….trip reports promised and then not written. No worries, I will have the Florida trip reports out soon, although I might cut back on the amount of posts just to save on time. Speaking of that valuable resource, time has been quite lacking lately due to a return of the colitis I’ve been dealing with. While slightly more mild than the first occurrence it has still not been too fun, but I was luckily able to avoid hospital admission, instead receiving supplementary hydration at home and going for a checkup every two days. However, I’ve not been able to do any birding due to my condition, which is on the up, albeit slowly. Some of the medications I’m on are also quite restrictive and some even alter my mood and thoughts (such as the dreaded prednisone!). Thus, my birding has been ‘couch birding’, restricted to reading up on the birding scene online and in literature and taking peeks at the feeders every now and then.

However, as I mentioned before I’m slowly on the up and up, and now is a perfect time for that too. In just a week, the surge of neotropical migrants should burst through in full force, marking the beginning of that crazy action-packed month of migrant craziness. Hopefully by then I’ll be field-ready, as this is one of my favorite times of the birding year.

Recently, my ‘couch birding’ has included going through and reading a few titles, some I hope to review or at least briefly touch on at some point including Birds of India by Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp and Tim Inskipp and A Bird-Finding Guide to Costa Rica by Barrett Lawson.

While I’ve been out of commission, some exciting things have been happening in the birding world. Just yesterday evening, news was broken of an Elaenia sp. found in Illinois by two young birders, Ethan and Aaron Gyllenhaal. An incredibly exciting find on its own, for me, this discovery is made even better due to the fact that it was found by two very good birders my age, showing what us young birders are truly capable of! For more info on the Elaenia, click here.

Some interesting recent posts from other birders that might be of interest:

At Shorebirder.com Nick Bonomo looks at the next ten days of weather and its effect on birding (mainly CT).

At Round Robin, the blog of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a recent incident involving a Great Horned Owl attack on a nesting Great Blue Heron is caught on video.

At A DC Birding Blog, the most recent Loose Feathers post is not to miss.

As always, the ABA Blog has featured some awesome posts lately, including one about a new birding movie, The Central Park Effect, arriving on HBO this summer.

Because I haven’t been able to go out in the field, I hope to keep the blog going by adjusting the content from excursions to other topics within birding in order to keep up the posts and conversation. I hope you find these updates of interest, and let me know if there’s anything you’d recommend adding or removing from them.


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2 Responses to Update #34

  1. marcy klattenberg says:


    Thank you for all the good information, I look forward to checking it all out. At my home in Middletown, I’ve noticed a pair of ravens frequently flying overhead and wonder what you may know of their status in CT. I’ve seen or heard them on occasion over the last couple of years but they are nearby quite frequently this year. There is an exposed Jurrasic conglomerate ridge nearby and they are often flying along that. Thankl you fior all of your excellent information. Marcy

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