Twitter and an exciting update on the CTYBC!

Well, perhaps being in the midst of another impatient stay at the hospital has allowed me to catch the bug: I’ve gotten a twitter! As many, many people have realized, twitter is a very useful tool for sharing and receiving information with just a few clicks. It is also very effective in many birding circles, especially in the Cape May area. With that said, my twitter account will be almost totally birding and conservation-related with very little personal nonsense in there. I’ll also be posting regular updates on the progress of the Connecticut Young Birders Club (which has been quite exciting in the past few weeks!) until she gets her own account. In addition, I’ll make sure to post about birding conditions out in the field in Fairfield whenever relevant, such as after a good migrant night.

So, here’s your invitation to follow me at @alex_burdo. I may even add a feed to this site to make the whole sharing process easier!

Lastly, as I mentioned above, some exiting developments have been taking place at the Connecticut Young Birders Club. After a little hiatus, we’ve jumped back on our feet, planning trips and starting to finally attempt to get the club up and running smoothly. One of the most important factors in that are partnerships with other groups and organizations as well as the backing of individuals. We’re also really hoping to increase our membership and participate in conservation-related community service projects.

I’ve added a bunch of info about partnerships, membership and the like on the CTYBC website. Please take a look and make sure to provide us with any feedback! Also, please consider becoming a partner or adult supporter or volunteering as a trip leader!


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2 Responses to Twitter and an exciting update on the CTYBC!

  1. James Purcell says:

    Oh no… alex got a twitter…. what is happening to the world?

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